Update: here are the comments that got me suspended from CAF
My 4th suspension from CAF ended today and I was reinstated to the forum.  Upon login, I was able to access the three comments that got me suspended:

#1.  (I believe in reference to recent comments by Archbishop Shneider).  "Let's be honest here, the fact that such a work even has to be published affirms the obvious observation that this current pontificate is one of confusion, needless change, and questionable teaching.  To deny the obvious fact that the Vatican is currently a source of departure from constant teaching is an exercise in extreme wishful thinking.  It makes about as much sense as saying your 3-12 football team is going to make it to the Super Bowl."

#2.  (recent comments about the Pope's overly liberal interpretation of mercy for hardened criminals):  "Not really surprising statements from him.  He certainly sees the world through a Marxist lens of oppressors vs. oppressed.  To him, it seems he makes excuses for anyone in jail; it's not their fault.  They were somehow oppressed by someone else and then made a poor choice not because they sinned or were bad people, but because they had no other option because of their disadvantaged state in life.  Therefore, they shouldn't be completely liable for their crimes and definitely not severely punished, because ultimately it was someone else who somehow led them to commit the crimes in the first place.
Now, he may not have said these words directly, but considering his affinity for many other left-leaning cause out there, it falls in line with what a far-left politician in the US would feel about the justice system."

#3.  (in reference to a post by CAF user "heresyhunter18"):  "Best CAF screen name I've seen.
Anyone with a single brain cell knows that something is afoul with the Vatican when every word that comes out of it needs to be twisted and re-interpreted to even pretend to sound Catholic."

My posts may have been a bit blunt, but I don't think they were uncharitable or false by any means.  But as you can see, CAF ill not tolerate even a hint of frustration with the Vatican.  But plenty of posts are allowed discussing the merits of other religions, homosexuality, etc.
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Honestly, any sort of talk that isn't in line with Pope Francis being the best Pope since St. Peter seems to merit suspension there.
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I refused to walk on egg shells there (especially when it felt like heretics got free reign), I spoke my mind... until I got suspended indefinitely, which is like a badge of honor for me especially when those like yourself get suspended. :D

It never used to be so bad, but looks like it's slowly getting worse. There are some good posters still there not suspended, which I am surprised about, but they have probably received numerous infractions and are walking on thin ice with what they say and how they say it.

God Bless You
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Given the leadership of CAF, all a heretic needs to do to get you banned, is quote someone like James Martin and his LGBTQIA rosary as reason and justification for supporting and promoting LGBTQIA nonsense, then when you take the bait (which I would do since I wouldn't be able to help myself lol) and call out James Martin as a heretic for doing so, you will breach their rules and get banned.

The good posters you find there, especially the ones getting temporarily suspended, send them a PM to this forum. I found this forum because I remembered another CAF poster put up a link to it a long time ago and I forgot what the forum was called but remembered roughly what it looked like to find it again. :)

God Bless You
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CAF is really toxic. I don’t see the point in going there, except perhaps to lead people here. They demonstrated to me years ago that they’re not interested in having a constructive conversation about anything.
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(04-09-2019, 04:08 AM)Credidi Propter Wrote: CAF is really toxic. I don’t see the point in going there, except perhaps to lead people here. They demonstrated to me years ago that they’re not interested in having a constructive conversation about anything.

To my surprise there are a couple really good ones still there, but your right, heaps of very toxic ones also.

If it were not for Francis and the flagrant heretics in the hierarchy of the Church CAF would probably be okay, but they see the hierarchy with rose colored glasses on, only a matter of time before they start making concessions and compromise on the truth if they havn't already in many regards, they certainly suspend and ban people telling the truth about flagrant heretics in the hierarchy of the Church and I suspect they will get worse, hopefully the really good posters there can find their way here. :)

God Bless You
Let it go!

Many of us started our journey back at CAF, it was a good location for where we were at the time and then we outgrew the site.

I used to get banned regularly and kept creating new usernames and until I gave up and settled on CaptCrunch... (if I only knew then what I know now... :pigeons:)

Anyway, they think they are right and perhaps are on a similar journey but haven't gotten to a good place yet. You need to assess whether or not worrying about being banned from CAF is hurting your spiritual journey.
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Ya dude just leave.
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It's sounding more like "Cafeteria Catholic Answers Forum" more every day.
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As I've posted elsewhere, that place is touchier than Summer Camp McCarrick-Sandusky.
-sent by howitzer via the breech.

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