Liturgical Theology Recommendations?
I’m  wondering if anyone can recommend a beginner book for a non-theologian, specifically referring to liturgical theology and maybe Eucharistic theology? I want to learn more about these subjects, especially in the western Tradition. I don’t want anything overtly complicated though.
You might check out the blog at theradtrad dot blogspot dot com. That place is my main go-to for information on the topic of liturgy. As far as books, you might look into Geoffrey Hull’s *The Banished Heart,* Laurence Hemming’s *Worship as Revelation,* and Aidan Kavanaugh’s *On Liturgical Theology.*

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These books might help. They're in the Catholic Library of the FishEaters site:
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I endorse Vox's recomendations, specially the Explanation by Dom Guéranger.
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I third Vox's recommendations.

Adrian Fortescue's The Mass: A study of the Roman liturgy is also worth a look.

I would also add to avoid How Christ Said the First Mass which is often promoted, but very much an attempt to prove a pet theory, and not solid liturgical theology.

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