Is It A Sin To Laugh At Steve's Imitation Of James Martin?
Big Grin 
Because he's just so funny....

And if I don't laugh I might cry.
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Yes and you are going to h*ck now. Sad!
(11-26-2019, 07:43 PM)Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote: Yes and you are going to h*ck now. Sad!

Tell me you didn't laugh too...I have the feeling I'll be in good company.  ;)
Fr. James Martin is a wolf in badly-made sheep's clothing.  He's just like Francis, and all the other wicked men surrounding him.  Let the wolves gather together.  Let him be a bishop.  Let him be a cardinal.  Hell, let him be the next pope.  The only thing that would make him worse than Francis is that he's not as old.  No one in the world could convince me that James Martin S.J. is someone I should trust with my soul.  You can just look at the man and tell he's just yearning for people to look at him and admire him.  I'd trust Oprah Winfrey with my soul before I'd trust either him or Francis.  At least she'll give everyone in her studio audience something cool once in awhile.

The really dangerous ones are the Daughters of Trent, who are into all the traditionalist stuff because they like pretty things and an infantile laity who fawn over them like the priest is some kind of emperor.  The dangerous ones are the ones who preach orthodoxy and tradition, and act reverent, but who lead double lives- even if they don't actually do any more than think, "I would if I could."  They are the ones whose narcissism divorces the life of sacrifice, of victimhood that soon-to-be Blessed Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote about from the leadership of the priesthood.  You can't be a good priest unless you're a willing victim too.  If you just want to wear pretty clothes, and be everybody's favorite, you may have a pretty church with pretty music, and there may be some devotion, but will the priest really be helping people save their souls?  We need priests who will help save souls, not priests who will lose them, and it takes a lot more than being able to put on a good show to save souls.  It takes sacrifice.  We need priests who will save souls, not simply gather up a large following, and then disperse them all when they finally get caught with their pants down. Such priests are out there, and they're common enough that I've met two of them just in my isolated little corner of the world.

Please God, may James Martin S. J. be the successor to Pope Francis, and may he reign for 50 years.  May the enemies of the Faith have nothing to hide.  May they be free to show themselves so it is easy for even a really simple person, as long as they are of good will, to know not to follow them.

"Catch us the little foxes that destroy the vines: for our vineyard hath flourished."- Canticle of Canticles 2:15
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If Fr. Martin is made Archbishop of Philadelphia it would likely be the last straw for any conservatives left still trying to square the Franciscan (and by extention Novus Ordo) circle. Though it would be a horrible trial for the faithful of Philidelphia, that would be a fairly significant silver lining.

Hilary White once called Pope Francis the great clarifier and I think she's on the nose. His entire pontificate has been a gradual slipping off of the mask of the so called new paradigm. The more obvious it becomes the better.
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I can't believe you laughed at that! Shame on you! You must be a hater---and a Nazi. Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!!! 

[Image: how-dare-you-75b5b41ebe.jpg]
Oh my Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.--Fr Dolindo Ruotolo

Persevere..Eucharist, Holy Rosary, Brown Scapular, Confession. You will win.
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(12-03-2019, 03:01 PM)JacafamalaRedux Wrote: I can't believe you laughed at that! Shame on you! You must be a hater---and a Nazi. Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!!! 

[Image: how-dare-you-75b5b41ebe.jpg]

Yup, checks out.   :angel:

JacafamalaRedux Wrote: Wrote:Big Fr Martin fan here. LionHippo, could you please provide some of the interviews about climate change that you've referred to? I'd be interested to know what in particular you're been listening to.

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