What is your experience with Cathinfo owner Matthew McDevitt?
What is your experience with Cathinfo owner Matthew McDevitt?
Is this an invitation to gossip? Because that's what it sounds like!
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Newbie, with first post asking people to support or take personal shots at another forum owner.

Whatever said experience, sounds like a troll, sour grapes or an underhanded means of advertising.

And I'd point out that it was at least the customary rule here not to let people come and start complaining about another forum. Granted we've been a bit lax with that for some notably anti-traddie places, but even then it's only been demonstrable facts not just random opinions.

If the OP wants to critique some thing McDevitt has written then perhaps he can do that on the forum on which it was posted, or if it's very interesting, and permission given, cross post here with commentary.

But this OP is not starting well.
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