Anybody have a combat rosary?
I bought a friend one of the Rugged Rosaries paracord rosaries 4 years ago and was told he broke it recently but I'm not sure how. Personally I have regular chain and bead one that has spent most of the last 10 years in my pocket. I've replaced all of the wires that attach to the medal and crucifix and have to put the links back together fairly often but it's pretty easy to repair with needle nosed pliers. I'd consider getting one of the pull chain ones if my current one becomes irreparable. Idt the paracord ones are worth it.
Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomine Tuo da gloriam.
I have one of the WW1 Battle Beads from Rugged Rosaries with the Pardon Cross and I have carried it for about two years. I have carried it every day at work, in the Army. It's held up very very well and it still looks new, even with the rough treatment all my stuff goes through.
I kind of wish I had gotten the Roman Catholic Gear one because I like Fr. Heilman and want to support him. I ended up getting one of his Combat Prayer Books which is great and fits perfect in my uniform pockets.
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The rosary arrived yesterday, and I'm very pleased. It feels nice an heavy and sturdy. Thanks for your input, everyone!
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