Maria Montessori wrote Journal Articles for the Theosophy Society.

Maria Montessori was raised Catholic but heavily influenced by revolution and theosophy. At her young age, she was involved in feminism and altering the relationship of women in the family. This would apparently be a result of the Theosophy Society of which she was a member which also led to her not raising her child in spite of her advanced degree and capacity to make a higher salary. Maria neglected to care for her child out of wedlock and spent her time attempting to educate the mentally ill. Her involvement in theosophy formed her education methods as well as her understanding of God and religion.

In 1870 Maria Montessori was born into an Italian Catholic family. Many theosophists claim that at a young age she was involved in the Theosophy Society, which would explain her strong views on feminism. For during first-wave feminism, English women were several hundred times more likely to join the Theosophical Society. Not only was Montessori revolutionary in her desire to attain higher education, she acquiring a doctorate by joining a boys-only school. She clearly spoke out against the biblical understanding of motherhood and the role of the family.
Quote:“the woman of the future will have equal rights as well as equal duties…Family life as we know it may change, but it is absurd to think the feminism will destroy maternal feelings. The new woman will marry and have children out of choice, not because matrimony and maternity are imposed on her.” Maria Montessori            
This concept that women will not marry and have children because matrimony and maternity are imposed on her is foreign to Catholicism. The popes have made it clear that children are the fruit of marriage, as well as its primary end, as formally declared during the pontificate of Pius XII.  Montessori rejected the moral obligation of both husbands and wives to carry out God's Command and be fertile and multiply.
Quote:"Maria often found herself at odds with many of the teachings of the Catholic Church." Scottie May
Eventually, Maria Montessori would have a child with a fellow doctor who was co-director with her in the Orthophrenic School in Rome. Knowing that upon a decision to marry, Montessori would be expected to give up her career, Maria choose to continue with her work. Out of a desire for not wanting to be burdened with caring for her son, she placed him in foster care and continued her career.

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Eventually, Maria Montessori began working [b]with mentally disabled children. It was through her role as a teacher that she would begin to implement her understanding of theosophy into her method of education. She eventually started a school called [i]Casa dei Bambini, [/i]which was the beginning of her fame. The school was spoken about highly by her friend Annie Besant, the famous theosophist. [/b]
Quote:"MARIA MONTESSORI had her first acquaintance with theosophy, early in the twentieth century, when she went to hear Annie Besant speak in London in 1907 after Montessori had established her first [i][i]Casa dei Bambini[/i](i.e., Children's House). Annie Besant spoke in praise of Montessori's work in education which pleased Montessori, and thus sealed their friendship." Winifred Wylie              [/i]
[b]Though Maria Montessori did receive a blessing from Pope Benedict XV, she was highly criticized by the Jesuits and revered by many as a liberal.[/b]

[b]Eventually, Maria would head to India, where her involvement in theosophy would become fully manifest. It was here that she would write for the Theosophy Society Journal, where we can clearly see her involvement in the occult. Various blog posts have talked about how several of  Montessori's ideology has been condemned as an error of the modernist. However,Maria also falls into the error of religious indifferentism.[/b]
Quote:[b]“Just as language has many: English, Swedish, Swahili, and so forth, so does elevation express itself by way of different creeds: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and many different belief systems in order to communicate with and about god." Maria Montessori  [/b]

This radical understanding of religions is consistent with theosophy, which is looking for truths in all the different religions and this also explains her early involvement with feminism. For Wikipedia remarks on how during first wave feminisms, the Theosophy Society marched under the banner of Free Masonry. From this foundation, we see the philosophical foundations for the Montessori Method and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. In some of her publications such as "The Child: The Eternal Messiah", we can see how the ideology of theosophy permeates the Montessori Method, as well as Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. This blog post reveals how her understanding of theosophy affects her teaching method, which is manifest in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Program.  This post also explains why the founders of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, who were disciples of Montessori, produced a system that would administer to many different faiths. They appear to hold to the theosophical idea that no religion is perfect, but that all contain bits of truth.
Quote:Ecumenism is not just a branch of catechesis; rather, the spirit of ecumenism does permeate the whole of catechesis.                                   
(p. 123 Religious Potential of the Child, 6-12 years)

[u]Montessori's contributions to the Theosophy Society[/u][u]'s journal[/u]
I've been such an outsider on this issue for soooooo many years!

EVERYONE raved and raved about this program.  Conservatives, Trads, homeschoolers.

Wow!  I knew there were problems which I discussed in the other thread, but just like every other issue we are facing today it all goes back to Theosophy/Freemaonsry/Kabbalah/Indifferentism/Crowley/Luciferianism/Sabbatean Frankism/Zionism....pick a name, any name.

It's all part of the preparation for the One World Religion in the NWO.
Also, thanks so much for sharing your research!

When my kids were little and I dared to go against the grain on this, I didn't have time to research and the internet was fairly new and I wasn't fully adept and finding such things.
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(06-09-2020, 09:23 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: Also, thanks so much for sharing your research!

When my kids were little and I dared to go against the grain on this, I didn't have time to research and the internet was fairly new and I wasn't fully adept and finding such things.
You are welcome. If you are able, please spread the word.

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