Fr. Don Calloway, MIC: The Rosary: Spiritual Sword of Our Lady
I've not heard of this priest before today. The video below of him speaking at a Catholic University, was sent to me by my sister and it was a very precious gift indeed. He lays out the history of the Rosary in a way I've never heard it and he explains the "Luminous Mysteries" ( I have avoided saying these mysteries, up until today) in a way I also, never heard before, as in historically and prior to Pope St. John Paul's release of them. He goes into many, more than I have ever heard of, apparition site (approved) and the miraculous things that happened there...truly miraculous.

This is a very good talk and I'd recommend you get a nice beverage, sit back and enjoy his presentation. It was a joy to watch this morning with my breakfast. I pray it will be likewise, for you.

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