Hermitix Podcast: Traditionalism, Liberalism, and Religion
Not sure if y'all are familiar with the Hermitix podcast, but it is an extremely fascinating one. James, the host, interviews guests who span the spectrum of Druid priests (John Michael Greer) to accelerationists (Nick Land, Curtis Yarvin) to Catholic traditionalists (Daniel Schwindt)--and all types in between. 

Though only in his twenties, James is extremely well-read, a very gracious host, and has never (from what I have heard) conducted an interview in bad faith. If his interviewee has written a book, he always reads it before the interview. He is unassuming and sincere in his questions, and he never sounds like he is trying to come across as a know-it-all.  

In this one, he discusses traditionalism from a Catholic point of view.

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