Does anyone diet?
You might also want to add some weight lifting to your exercise program. If you are not overweight, but just concerned about your body shape, some sculpting exercises would be the best solution. You would want to start out with very light weights -just 10-20 lbs of resistance and then work up gradually. But working with weights can be dangerous, and you have to be careful to work different muscle groups equally, so you should consult an expert first. Just a couple of sessions with a personal trainer could get you started. 
kzarah Wrote:Well I had a small bowl of raison brand for breakfast.  For lulnch I had a can of green beens and a large portion of lowfat cottage cheese and a  piece of water mellon.  I adore water mellon and truely believe that it had to have been the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden.  Tonight for dinner I have going to have can of progresso chicken and rice soup and add some green beens and mushrooms for filler.  I have choisen these foods because I think that they will digest easily.  If I eat beef for example it just seems to sit in my stomach for days and leaves a hugh bulge there.  It looks like a beer gut to me but I don't drink beer.  I have no objection to gaining weight as I am underr weight it is just that when I gain weight it seems to go right to the stomach/gut.  Also, I will watch the tv program the Biggest Looser tonight however this will be my first time as a looser myself.  Maybe it will give me some insentive.  To tell you the truth I sure could go for a Carrot Cake with the really heavy butter cream icing but I know the same and guilt that I would feel after.  I do have a problem with the scale.  I weigh myself about once an hour.  After lunch there was a two pound weight gain.  I thought about one of those aerobic videos to have on tv once a day but I am not very coordinated and could hurt myself.   I was thinking though that it would be so much easier to be a big fat pig like Homer Simpson and just be able to eat whatever you want.  Any diet tips or exercise tips are welcome. 

Your diet sounds fine. I would change your exercise program. A half hour walk per day is great for boosting the metabolism. But aerobic exercise (such as walking) is geared toward burning fat that is already stored in the body. If you are underweight, this is not for you. I would keep walking, but only for about 30 minutes a day, then work out for another 30 minutes or so using weights. This would help you to build muscle mass (it is lean muscle tissue that burns calories and fuels your body's metabolism), and it would reshape your body (redistributing the fat on your stomach for instance). But once again, I would caution anyone to consult an expert before working out with weights, because it is crucial that you learn the correct technique, in order to be able to do this safely and effectively.   

I am hoping by posting this that I will be more inclined to stick with this plan

I wish I had a challenger to compete with.



Goal set

Improve my Posture

Set achievable short-term goals

Set a reasonable long-term goal 

Start day with activity/exercise before eating

Eat smaller amounts throughout the day

Eat more protein and high fiber foods

Eat less process foods (White bread, rice and pastas)

Eat low carbohydrate and caloric foots

Allow myself to eat one day a week for enjoyment

Give myself one day a week to relax and exercise less


Long-term goal:

Decrease body fat from 13 percent to 10 percent.

            Increase muscle mass by 5 percent

Decrease waist from 31 inches to 30 inches and maintain 30 inch waist


As recommended by PinoyMonk

The Magnificent Seven (as found randomly online on other forums):
Starting with 10 reps of each for the first week

The Magnificent Seven

1.) Farmer Burn’s Stomach Flattener
1.) Stand Erect with your feet shoulder-width apart and
your toes pointed forward
2.) Relax your shoulders, letting your arms hang at your
sides. Inhale through your nose with your tongue on
the roof of your mouth.
3.) Inhale as deeply as you can, filling your lungs.
4.) As you inhale, gently hold your abdomen in. Don’t let it
5.) Once your lungs are completely full, “Close the mouth
and throat tightly, and try to force the breath out, but
resist so that none escapes. Force hard, and the
muscles of the abdomen will be contracted until they
are tight and rigid. Force the air downward with all the
power you possess. Clinch the fists – and exert much
strength… The process of trying to exhale the breath,
but you voluntarily hold it in, and by this resistance
most thoroughly exercise the muscles of the abdomen,
stomach and other internal organs.”
6.) When you do this exercise, “Hold the breath in this
way for two to five seconds, and then gently allow the
breath to escape. Exhale as much as possible so that
you will take in a new full quantity of fresh air.”
7.) It is not uncommon to get a light-headed or dizzy
feeling when first doing this exercise. As you get
better at the exercise, this will pass.

2.) The Vacuum
1.) Begin from a bent-over position with your hands resting
on your knees.
2.) Slowly exhale all air from your lungs.
3.) Once all has been exhaled, do not inhale right away.
Rise slightly instead and lift diaphragm, pulling your
stomach in.
4.) Hold for six seconds or longer.
5.) Inhale through your mouth.
6.) Catch your breath and repeat.

3.) Tai Chi Waist Turner
1.) Stand in a relaxed position with your feet about
shoulder-width apart. Allow your hands to hang freely
at your sides.
2.) Without trying to move your arms, begin turning your
body from side to side. As you turn, let the centrifugal
force swing your arms from side to side.
3.) Each time you have turned as far as you can go, your
hand gently slaps your back in the kidney area, giving
it a gentle massage.
4.) Breathe naturally as you turn from side to side.
5.) Do 50-100 repetitions each day.

4.) Back Arch with Forward Bend and Squeeze
1.) Place hands on hips. Feet are spaced about shoulder-
width apart.
2.) Inhale deeply and lean back as far as possible.
3.) Pause for a moment and then bow forward.
4.) As you bend forward, exhale vigorously and squeeze
your abdominal muscles.
5.) Repeat for 10-20 repetitions.

5.) Dynamic Side Bend Stretch (and Isometric Squeeze)
1.) Start with your feet shoulder-width or wider apart.
2.) Extend your left hand so that your bicep is nearly
touching your ear.
3.) Inhale deeply, then bend to the right as far as possible
and slowly move back and forth.
4.) Stretch as far as you can but only move back and
forth about a half inch. This is a dynamic stretch.
5.) After 50 repetitions, you can also hold and do an
isometric stretch contraction for 6-8 seconds.
6.) Repeat on the other side.

6.) Hands Overhead Side Bend
1.) Stand with feet comfortably spaced.
2.) Interlock the fingers of your hands and reach to the
ceiling with your palms facing upward.
3.) Inhale deeply and stretch to the right as far as you
4.) Squeeze all the muscles of the upper back as well as
those along the sides.
5.) Hold for six to eight seconds, and then exhale.
6.) Repeat for six repetitions then switch sides.

7.) Trunk Rotators
1.) Begin with your feet comfortably spaced
2.) Place your hands on your hips and inhale deeply.
3.) Bend sideward and then begin tracing a clockwise
circle with your head and shoulders leading the way.
4.) Concentrate on your obliques as you rotate.
5.) Exhale when you reach the starting position. Inhale
and repeat nine more times in the same direction. Then
switch directions and do 10 more repetitions.
Mark recommends Squats
 I will start with 25 squats for the first week
 3 sets of ten push ups for the first week.
 Should I fall short of my goals I will not be too hard on my self but reset my goals.  





How do you measure your percent body fat?
[Image: pizza-beer.jpg]
Breakfast of champions
I went to a dietician and she messured my body fat and muscle mass in percentages.  The beer and pizza looks so good.  I have learned that there are two things I just can't have like I would like to and that is bread and cheese therefore pizza is not such a good idea.  I have not had pizza in quite awhile.  I went into a store Trader Joes a couple of weeks ago and they had samples of frozen pizza.  I tasted a sample and thought that I had died and gone to heaven.  The beer I could do with out.  I would rather have an ice cold coke. 
Daniel, there are things that sit in my stomach like a rock, too, and they didn't when I was younger.
I remember when I was 16 living off of Fritos and Coke for weeks at a time, and I was thin as a rail.  Now I look at a Coke and only see a couple of hundred empty calories and know it will just add to my "Hostess armor" (that layer of fat that protects me from the cold).
I think we just digest different as we get older.  Not only do we not burn as many calories because our metabolism slows, but I think some things just don't settle as well.
I heard celery actually causes negative calories.  You burn more calories chewing it than it adds to your system.  This might be a good snack.
Also, water aids digestion and with less food intake, you have to make up for the liquid it contains.  When I was successful, I used to drink a full glass of water before I ate.  I would feel full sooner, and since I didn't let myself eat between meals (except scheduled snacks of celery or other rabbit food), it meant less calories.
One other thing is that it's important to eat throughout the day.  Snacks are required because they keep your metabolism up and the system going.  It's just the snacks can't be something like a candy bar.
Popcorn without butter is good as a snack.  Popcorn is almost all fiber.  I used to pop it in olive oil (the light, not the virgin) and put a little salt on it.  Without butter, you can make enough for a day or two as well since there is no animal fat to go rancid.
Hmm.  Maybe I should go back on my diet.  You're starting to inspire me.
QuisUtDeus Wrote:

I heard celery actually causes negative calories. You burn more calories chewing it than it adds to your system. This might be a good snack.

Not if you're tempted to slather it with peanut butter! When I see celery in the store, I think "peanut butter conveyance system". ;)

Here's a good one: [Image: banana.gif]
It is said that the longer you are on a diet, the easier it is to adapt, because by the third day, you're off it.

If going on a diet is the way to go, I'm going on a diet off diet!

(Yes, I don't believe in dieting and I just want the entire world to know. It's the gastronome in me that is speaking! [Image: gimmefood.gif] )

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