Usage of the word god in a video game?
There is a game that I was playing that uses the name god in one of the characters (E.G Zombie God Troll). I do not know whether this is blasphemous or irreverent use of God's name.
(07-05-2021, 02:37 PM)Anon777 Wrote: (E.G Zombie God Troll).

i don't know what to picture here. these are three distinct things. this is like if there was a food was called broccoli cookie steak

anyway the sense of "god" here seems to be more like the greek gods rather than the supreme being, or that's what i think anyway
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Does that game take place in our world? Or in a fictional world?

In fantastic worlds doesn't refer to the real God. In polytheistic worlds it's not uncommon for gods to die, or for a mortal to become a god, it's a concept of "god" very different from ours.

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