Atheist girlfriend
(07-20-2021, 07:43 PM)FultonFan Wrote: Welcome!

Well, as asked before, do you intend on marrying this girl?
Your intentions are admirable. However, if she does indeed remain atheist, you’d likely be in one seriously brutal marriage.
Where does she stand on contraception within marriage? Does she express her disdain for all sins against chastity? Is she OK with not living together until you’re validly married?

In the meantime, yes, pray ardently that she may receive an abundance of grace, so that she can see the Truth with clarity.

Thank you!

Thanks as well for your wise words. We have been dating for several months and it is time to seriously think in the long term and its implications, which as you mention could be really tough.

I have prayed for her and will continue doing it.
(07-21-2021, 04:53 AM)Marmot Wrote: Welcome!

I hated religion when I first met a bunch of Catholics (I was an adult). After a couple of years of getting to know them and asking loads and loads of questions and getting good answers, I changed my mind, or rather, God changed my mind. I asked to become a Catholic.

Perhaps by listening to your girlfriend's reasons for being opposed to our faith, you can help her come to a proper understanding of what we actually believe. This may involve you learning more about what the Church actually teaches (for example, not answering her objections at once but taking the time to come up with a good reply perhaps the next day). If she shows no openness at all, no willingness to at least hear what the Church has to say in response to her objections, I think it doesn't seem prudent to continue the relationship.

I don't think it makes sense to talk about "the fact that she's not a spiritual person". Every human being has a spirit, that belongs to human nature.

It's hard to raise children in the Catholic religion today even when your wife is a good Catholic, because of influences outside the family. As a single Catholic parent, it's even harder, and if your wife is opposed the Catholic religion, harder still. I wouldn't attempt it.

Thank you Marmot for the thoughtful reply. I 100% agree with your opinion.

Actually I have a similar opinion, this could be an opportunity for me to improve as a Christian and also to understand better our religion.

Regarding the spiritual side, I think I explained myself wrong. It is clear every human being has a spirit. I just wanted to try express the fact that her personality does not have a spiritual dimension, in the sense that she does not feel moved by religion, or at least I haven't been able to achieve that.
Not a good mix because for future Children who would they go to to learn outside of school and church?

I would schedule a precana. See where she stands.

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