Youtube is great for fixing things
I haven't had an appliance repairman come into my house in 15 years.  Any problems, youtube.  Washer stopped spinning last week.  10 minutes later and I have the problem diagnosed without even taking anything apart. Order $20 part from Amazon.  Showed up today - 15 minutes later and the washer is spinning.  I figure it would have cost $300 to have somebody come in and do this for me.  

Garage door spring broke last year.  Called around - $700 was the cheapest.  "So, should we send somebody out?"  lol, no   30 minute video on youtube, $160 part, all fixed.
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Yeah, it can be really helpful at times.  Other times, not so much.  If you have plenty of tools and know how to use them all you've got a great head start.
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That's wonderful to know..
But be wary.
One person said to buy a huge battery, maybe for a big flashlight or something.
You tuber said, take the battery apart because there are oodles of double A batteries in it.
So dangerous.
I agree. In particular, I have found videos of poor people doing work on cars like mine. That way you get an idea of how hard/annoying the job is going to be. Saved us a lot of money.
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