Dave's Insanity Sauce
I had a very painful run-in with this very sauce on Christmas Eve.

The label clearly states that:

#1 - this should be used one drop at a time.
#2 - people with cardiac or respiratory ailments should not consume it
#3 - it should be kept away from eyes, children and pets

I can attest that they are not kidding.  I love hot foods.  I love hot sauces.  This was the hottest hot sauce I have had in a very long time.

My husband who regularly consumes HOT foods tried this at the party (he ODed on it) was literally in tears it was so hot.  His friend's comment about the sauce and the amount they both put on their meatballs was, "That was just stupid."

I licked on drop off of the tip of my finger and my tongue hurt for 30 minutes.

There was very little flavour to the sauce.  It was all heat just for the sake of heat.  I prefer hot food that have layerings of flavour including, but not limited to heat.  This sauce was just painful.


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