<FONT color=#000000>My wife received this email from the </FONT><FONT color=#000000>'Australian Vaccination Network' </FONT><FONT color=#33ff33><FONT color=#000000>this morning.
The contents are quite bizarre, and is yet another reason to avoid schools altogether (as if we needed more ammunition...)</FONT>

<FONT color=#333333>
Quote:<FONT color=#333333>Hi,
I was just contacted by one of our members - they are a chiropractic family - who have experienced something I've never heard of before. I think you will be as shocked as I was when I was told about this.
The woman is a mother of 5 and when she was dropping her child off this morning at Kinder (I think it's the same thing as preschool in NSW?), she saw that there was a picture of her son posted up with his name and age and the words "NOT IMMUNISED" under the picture. This was on the board where they posted pictures of kids with food allergies and special situations.
She was of course furious since this is a gross invasion of her family's medial privacy.
The family will be pursuing this with the preschool in question and I have found legislation in Victoria ( </FONT><FONT color=#333333>http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/vic/consol%5fact/hra2001144/index.html</FONT><FONT color=#333333> ) which I believe deals with these sorts of issues. I mean, if the child had Hep B or was HIV positive, would the school be able to post his picture to let other parents know about this? Of course not! And yet, here is a perfectly healthy child who is being singled out because his parents made a perfectly legal decision to not vaccinate him.
Now, what I would like to know is - is this happening in any other schools or pre-schools around the country. Please get back to me at meryl@avn.org.au if you have seen this before. If this is a new policy of the government's we need to nip this in the bud before our children become victims of community fear and ignorance.


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