I think that the word immunised/immunized as it pertains to vaccination is a misnomer and I refuse to use it. Kids are vaccinated for the purpose of preventing disease, but no vaccine can confer lasting immunity 100% of the time. Vaccinated kids can and do get sick with the same diseases non-vaccinated kids get. Vaccines are also capable of causing the illness they are intended to prevent. When vaccines do confer immunity, the immunity can wear off, leaving young adults at risk for complications from diseases that are benign in younger children. Rubella is a good example. Women of child-bearing age who had the shot when they were younger are immunity compromised today. Ironically, they are the population that the vaccination was supposed to protect from infection. Kids who had the actual disease (like me) gained life-long immunity. Now, the manufacturers of the rubella vaccine (made from aborted fetal tissue) have life-long customers as the need to vaccinate recurs.


By the way, schools would better serve their populations by issuing warnings about the presence of recently vaccinated children. In the U.S., the only way to get polio is by coming into contact with a recently vaccinated individual.




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