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Daniel Wrote:The proposition that the new rites of the sacraments are lacking to the extent that they are not valid is an argument that can be supported to some extent. If it were to be true the associated problems are too extensive and traumatic to be considered, so I don't and suggest you don't either.

I do, and I find that the claimed support for this argument falls far short of proof. (Details available on request, but not in this "Introduce yourself" thread!) Marcus Grodi and the Coming Home Network may not have much to say about the traditional Latin Mass and related matters, but at least they'll probably give you the right stuff about the unity and indefectibility of the Church. On that basis, you should be able to conclude that the Catholic Church does still have priests (and bishops, and a Pope), and valid sacraments, and you should join it--even though, as predicted, it's like a big fishing net that contains some pretty vile-smelling "fish" along with the good ones (Matthew 13:47-50). Welcome aboard, in advance!


Don McMaster

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