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I was just wondering..I am not SSPX but because I had returned to the Church and said that JP2 was influential in that...I was attacked on AQ like I had sat with the devil !!!!
I don't think anyone would say Pope John Paul 2nd was not influential, it's just that the influence he had was not good. Some would say he single handedly brought the Church to it's knees in South America and detsroyed the Last Catholic government on Earth being that of Augusto Pinochet. You could write an encyclopedic volume on the anti Catholic things he did and the damage he caused.
The mistake people make is to think that they can judge his soul or presume this mass devistation of Catholicism was intentional and that he is in Hell, which is not the place of anyone on this planet, even the self appointed doctors of the Church at Angelqueen.

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