Good morning, afternoon or evening (depends on your time zone, i guess[Image: hellosmiley.gif])

In any case, i'm new, obviously, and I'm also quite new to traditional
catholicism; so i'm hopin' u folks out there can help me w/that [Image: prayer.gif].

{thanx in advanced; if datz possible}

And to be honest, although i know i am <B>not </B>alone in wanting to learn more about Traditional catholic faith, it does feel that way (here [in phil.] at least).
Well, God willing, I wish that I can do some good through this forum.

Asking for your prayers,

<FONT face="courier new, courier, mono">you can call me Ben;]</FONT>

n.b. i just turned 18 recently, and i'm just ur average guy (whatever that means:) and a student G[Image: heartsmiley.gif]D BLESS!

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