Vegan Couple Gets Life Over Baby's Death
Cows milk is very hard on the human digestive system (because it's made for cows!).  In babies it causes small amounts of internal bleeding from the intestines, and giving milk to babies under 12 months can cause food allergies.  Even raw milk is hard to digest, because the enzymes in it are for cows, not people.  It also has too many minerals for babies, and more casein rather than whey protein which is great for calves that need to grow big heavy bones very quickly, but not so good for human babies which grow slowly by comparison.

My oldest has allergies to dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts, so he's a soy milk drinker [Image: smile.gif]

With my other two I did not give any solids at all or juice or milk until they were around 12 months old, and I'm doing the same for the baby.  The other kids have no food allergies.

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