Let me take the time out to tell you about the best regional drink anyone could possibly want.  It's called Take-A-Boost.  It is sold mostly in Burlignton County, NJ (But espatriots of this area are known to have the drink sent to them, anywhere in the world, through the mail).  My mothers whole family have lived off the stuff since they got off the boat.  My mother was actually weened on it!  However since its nly sold in the 609 area code, nobody outside of this area knows anything about it.  Here is some more info about it:

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<!-- entry OhMyGodThisStuffIsFantasticHowCouldYouGuysLet MeAvoidThisStuffForSoLongDidIMentionJustHow FantasticThisStuffIs?!?!?!?!?!<DIV class=entry-content><DIV class=entry-body>I want to tell you a story that begins in my childhood, but first you need to know something about the town I grew up in:
<b>Riverside, NJ</b> (population 7974) is located about 15 miles northeast of Philadelphia and is most famous for a strange beverage that locals call "Boost." It's hard to explain to those unfortunate people who live outside its market and, surprisingly, no one has set up a tribute website to Boost yet, <FONT color=#003366>but I did find this</FONT>:
Quote:Tak-a-Boost (Drink-A-Toast) was invented here. Pharmacist <b>Benjamin R. Faunce</b> first created the drink in 1913 for sale in his Bridgeboro Street store. He created the drink to make the tonics and certain medicines more palatable to his customers. The drink contained a caffeine lift inspiring the name "Boost". The product is shipped to a number of markets outside the County, but its core sales area remains Burlington County.
[By the way, this Boost is not the same as <FONT color=#003366>Boost</FONT>, the Ensure-like nutritional drink. When that stuff first came out, Tak-A-Boost actually sued this fake Boost. It was decided in court that, since the Tak-A-Boost market was so limited, there should be no concern about confusion between the two drinks.]
Though it sells the stuff short,  Boost drinkers usually end up describing it as being "a lot like flat Coke." Most Riversiders grew up on this stuff - drinking it literally from cradle to grave (plenty of parents saw nothing wrong with filling baby bottles with this sugary stuff - that might explain <FONT color=#003366>my lifelong dental problems</FONT>).
Ask anyone in town and they will tell you just how great this stuff goes with pretzels. And man, it hits the spot after mowing the lawn. It is what I call "guzzle-able" - you can get large amounts of it in your system quickly when needed.
But it does contain quite a bit of caffeine. One night, in seventh grade, a friend of mine and I each guzzled about two quarts of Boost. I went home and ended up bouncing off the walls all night. I got a real bad case of sleep anxiety and swore off caffeine right there and then.
So, no lie, for twenty-four years I haven't touched caffeine. Yeah, I've had chocolate and yeah, I've drank hot chocolate, and I know chocolate has caffeine in it, but it's such a small amount that I don't think it counts.
I've thought about becoming a coffee drinker over the years, but with each year that I grew further away from my last drink of Boost the more I worried about how my body would react to the jolt of java. I used to think I was healthier for avoiding the stuff, but most recent studies have proved me wrong - coffee doesn't seem to take any time off your life.
Right before I got married, my boss at the time predicted that I would soon start needing coffee, but that never happened. The same guy (by this time no longer my boss) was certain that once I became a father I wouldn't be able to function without a daily cup o' joe, but it didn't happen then either.
[Image: us_2_pic2_sm.jpeg] Last month, though, my work installed a <FONT color=#003366>coffee vending thingy</FONT> in our snack room and for whatever reason, I decided that I would finally start drinking coffee. There's no question that I've needed it lately - I usually get my blogging done after everyone else in the house goes to sleep and then wake up at 5am to get in my morning run.
So I've been trying to ease my way back into the jolt juice. I figure a week or two of half-caf should do the trick. So far (after four days), so good. No jitters, no sleeplessness, and I actually seem to get though the workday a little easier. I'm sure my co-workers would tell you that I tend to talk a lot more for a couple hours after my morning coffee, but I'm not doing somersaults or anything. And I find that I really like the taste (since the coffee thingy at work can't make half-caf, I've been treating myself to the tasty brews from the local coffee houses).
So that's it - I'm back off the wagon. Or is it back <FONT color=#003366>on the wagon</FONT>?
I feel like such a grownup. Now if I could just move off the "little table" at family functions.
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</DIV><A id=comments target=_blank></A>Comments<DIV class=comments-content><!-- comment list <A id=c10048088 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment id=comment-10048088><DIV class=comment-content>On my next trip to your house, I'm bringing you a Boost slushy. Pure heaven!
Actually, I never buy the stuff and the school won't even sell the decaf stuff even though their healthier choices have as much if not more sugar in them. Just un-Riverside, if you ask me. I'm sure GW is to blame somehow, right?
The Boost Company is up for sale! There's a thought for you!!
<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: Donna | <FONT color=#003366>2005.10.06 at 09:26 PM</FONT>
</DIV><A id=c10048188 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment-content>Oh, another Boost thought...do you remember going to Faunce's with Daddy after Sunday Mass? You may be too young to have done that, but they always came with 2 pretzels on the straw. I think it was a bribe to get us to church.
I'd like a dime for each time I worked at the high school concession stands and had to give the old "tastes like flat Coke" explanation. They usually wanted to know why we sold flat coke.
<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: Donna | <FONT color=#003366>2005.10.06 at 09:32 PM</FONT>
</DIV><A id=c10067436 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment-content>I love being addicted to coffee. Welcome to the club!
<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: <A title=http://www.tatteredcoat.com href="http://www.typepad.com/t/comments?__mode=red&user_id=258619&id=10067436" target=_blank rel=nofollow target=_blank><FONT color=#003366>Matt</FONT></A> | <FONT color=#003366>2005.10.07 at 02:33 PM</FONT>
</DIV><A id=c10187096 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment-content>You kno, its one thing to be the youngest in your family and still be at the little table...it sort of makes sense. but how do you explain to people that your the oldest cousin and have always been at the little table. us little table sitters....noone understands us...

ps- i drink a 20 oz coffee every morning...and sometimes another before my night job...soon enough, you wont be able to get through your day either....
<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: | <FONT color=#003366>2005.10.10 at 06:05 AM</FONT>
</DIV><A id=c13329106 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment-content>Man, I miss Boost! They'd even serve it at weddings -- at the fancy ones it would be in a fountain.
The Boost Co has/had a web site, but it was down tonight.
Drink A Toast Co.
t/a The Boost! Company
P.O. Box 204
Riverside, NJ 08075


<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: Bill | <FONT color=#003366>2006.01.25 at 11:19 PM</FONT>
</DIV><A id=c15118676 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment-content>You can get decaf take a boost now!!!
<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: cheryl painter | <FONT color=#003366>2006.03.17 at 09:11 AM</FONT>
</DIV><A id=c15118824 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment-content>I know the current owner- You can have Boost mailed to you you know- they do mail orders I'm pretty sure.- due to demand of South Jerseyans who relocated and want this excellent drink outside of NJ.
<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: Cheryl Painter | <FONT color=#003366>2006.03.17 at 09:14 AM</FONT>
</DIV><A id=c17655715 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment-content>You might like to know that Benjamin R. Faunce, the inventor of Tak-a-Boost, was the uncle of my step-mother, Eleanor Thelma Smith, nee Faunce (1917-92). Eleanor was born in Washington, D.C.as the only child to Christian R. Faunce and Anna Allen (of Virginia).
The Faunce family line began in 1623 with John Faunce (about 1602-53) in Colonial Massachusetts with the landing of the Ann at Plymouth. One of his sons, Thomas (1647-1746), is the sole source for our myth of the Pilgrims having landed on Plymouth Rock.
The middle initial, R., of both Benjamin and Christian stands for "Rush." Both brothers are the great-grandsons of Benjamin Rush (1746-1813), a representative of Pennsylvania to The Continental Congress, a Signer of The Declaration of Independence, and the first psychiatrist in America.
From The Riverside [New Jersey] Historical Society web site we can read further that "Benjamin R. Faunce was a chemist who invented Tak-A-Boost, around 1911, and several medicines including a popular and effective cough syrup. He opened a drug store in Philadelphia in 1897 and moved to Burlington Avenue in Delanco in 1903. Four years later he moved to 37 Scott Street. A few years later the business moved to 217 Bridgeboro Street.
Son Randall Faunce and his adopted brother Lester Stockton continued to operate the drug store and the place became a town meeting spot for“Boost drinkers.” The first sign of spring was the line of baby coaches parked in front of the building as young mothers introduced their babies to Riverside’s favorite drink."

<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: Andre M. Smith | <FONT color=#003366>2006.05.23 at 04:38 PM</FONT>
</DIV><A id=c18183459 target=_blank></A><DIV class=comment-content>your photos are amazing
<P class=comment-footer>Posted by: cheryl | <FONT color=#003366>2006.06.06 at 12:00 AM</FONT>
</DIV></DIV></DIV><!-- comment form <P class=comments-closed>The comments to this entry are closed.

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