What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Brennus Wrote:Some civil laws do not bind in conscience. If you break them you do not sin BUT if you are caught you are obliged to submit to the penalty. Driving above the speed limit is like this (provided you weren't doing so in a reckless manner. Going through a 35 mph zone at 2 a.m. at 50 mph when no one is arouond would be an example.) Another possibility is going through a red light where you have stopped and there is absolutely no one around  (I really wouldn't recommend this though, it could lead to bad driving habits.) Certain tax laws do not bind in conscience.

So, the question is, do the anti-marijuanna laws bind in conscience. I so not have an answer. One would have to talk with a confessor. Personally, as conservative and grumpy as I am, I do not have a problem with people smoking pot so long as they get out of bed and to work the next day. I would advise people NOT to smoke pot because of the moral dangers that come with the "pot culture" but  I don't think the actual firing up of a joint and smoiking it is a sin.

I think other drugs are sinful because of their potency. 
There are also the issues of thei higher tar/nicotine concentrations and the brain plaque that some studies indicate. Chronic use in my friends has resulted in lack of drive and social engagement - rather like TV. 

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