What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Catholic777 Wrote:It is shameful that Prohibition, the moral highpoint of the otherwise dismal pit of American democracy...was repealed just because we let some gangsters undermine it.

The answer is simply that the bottle is of the devil. I mean as a social phenomenon in general even if not a personal sin for the individual in moderation.

Not all things that are allowed are expedient. Slavery certainly wasnt; it could theoretically be done morally and was in specific cases...but led, as a practical matter, to so much abuse and suffering...it was better to be rid of it.

And I feel the same way about drinking, gambling, etc. I'm not going to be a Puritan and condemn them as absolutely sinful for the individual in moderation, but as social phenomenons...they are "structures of sin".

And even if not a personal sin, I certainly dont want to be complicit in it. Alcohol, at least as practiced in America, is just part of the reign of Babylon.

So Our Lord was involved in sin when He drank wine?  When he created <i>more wine</i> for the wedding at Cana, even though they had drank a bunch already?

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