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  • <b>Sex: </b>Lord
  • <b>Age as of posting date: </b>20
  • <b>Birthdate: </b>November 10, 1987 (the feast day of St. Leo the Great; and also Martin Luther's birthday, eww)
  • <b>Patron Saint by Confirmation:</b> Sir Thomas More, martyr, scholar, former Lord Chancellor of England under King Henry VIII, patron of lawyers/politicians/statesmen, subject of a great movie starring Paul Scofield, and all-around badass
  • <b>Children born from past sins or invalid marriage? </b>None that I know of [Image: wink.gif]
  • <b>Location: </b>My primary estate is in San Antonio, Texas
  • <b>Would you relocate if you met the right person? </b>Sure, but it'd help if you have more money than I do
  • <b>EF, SSPX, both, or other? </b>Actually, my primary parish is "Anglican use" (in communion with Rome, not to be confused with Anglo-Catholic, which is not), but I also assist at a motu proprio TLM. I'm not an SSPX'er, but I'm not against them or think they're "schismatic", either. You can call me a pan-traditionalist.
  • <b>Novus Ordo if that's all there is? </b>If you mean that I'll go if there's nothing else, then yeah, I guess.
  • <b>Introvert or extravert? </b>Like Bruce Wayne/Batman, I'm an introvert pretending to be an extravert.
  • <b>Keirsey personality type: </b>I'll get back to ya on that one once I figure it out.
  • <b>Ethnic heritage: </b>Biracial. My dad is European (English) and my mom is Asian (Indonesian).
  • <b>Is meeting someone of like ethnicity very important to you, just a bonus, or unimportant? </b>Not only unimportant, it's also extremely unlikely.
  • <b>Is there an ideal age range for the person you'd like to marry? </b>How important is this? I prefer older women, 21 to 30. It's just a preference, but 35 is the definite cutoff limit. Unless you're a really aggressive cougar, in which case I have no choice but to be your prey.
  • <b>In what manner do you interpret the Church's approval of NFP? </b><a target="_blank" href="http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t158/Archbishop10K/Forum%20macros/nfp.jpg">Here's a promo poster seen somewhere in Archbishop 10-K's diocese.</a><b>
[Image: nfp.jpg]
I think Erin would approve.
  • <b>What would the headship of the husband look</b><b> like in your idea home? </b>I refer to myself as "Our Lordship"; what do you think?<b>[Image: hmmm.gif]</b><b> </b>
  • <b>How do you feel about women working outside the home?</b> As long as proper attention is paid to the kids, I don't see why not. I also wouldn't mind being a stay-at-home dad.
  • <b>How do you feel about women in pants? </b>Why is this even an issue? That's like asking what I feel about curly vs. straight hair.
  • <b>Of the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, anger, envy), which is the most challenging for you? </b>Lust, I think. I'm a horndog. If you can imagine the hormones of five adolescent males combined.... but if you're a horndog, too, we might get along real well!
  • <b>What would others say are your annoying habits or bothersome attributes?</b> The most annoying thing about my friends is that they never tell me what my flaws are. But if I were to guess, it's that I can get too clingy and dependent of a woman for emotional support.
  • <b>What are the most important things you desire in a spouse: </b>
  • -An independent spirit - I'd like a woman who's bold, adventurous (even "risky"), and speaks her mind. I don't like women who are too timid or mouse-y. Someone who can take life by the balls and say, "let's go on a road trip. To Japan."<b>
  • -A creative mind - She needs to have a big imagination. It can be expressed through artsy-fartsy ways like painting, writing, or design; but doesn't have to be limited to that. Creative ways to murder and dispose of previous husbands doesn't count.
  • -Interest in academia. She must love to learn. This can be another languages, cultures, literature, quantum physics, or underwater basketweaving. I value a college education greatly (not necessary, though), and will encourage you to get a Master's or PhD. if you want one.
  • -Failing the above traits, though.... well, boobs are always nice.
  • <b>Things you absolutely would not tolerate in a potential spouse:</b> I hate princesses. I'm not a cheapskate, but don't expect me to be the kind to pay for every date. Don't expect me to go out of my way to impress your father, either. I'm a lord, not a gentleman.
  • <b>What, if anything, have you learned from past relationships with the opposite sex? </b>That's a good question! I have no idea.
  • <b>Political ideals:</b> I agree with old-fashioned monarchy as an ideal, but for reality, I'm a paleo-libertarian like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan. Though I'm not anywhere near as politically-minded as I was during, say, high school. I'm just a soldier, sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States and obey the lawful orders of the President.
  • <b>Education: </b>I'm a junior in university right now; full-time student.
  • <b>Employment: </b>Professional adventurer. I fund my adventures with money I earn from the U.S. Army as a reserve soldier, the stock market, and various part-time jobs. This semester, I'm trying my hand at modeling.
  • <b>Health: </b>I am a studmuffin.
  • <b>Allergies: </b>None.
  • <b>Smoke? </b>I'll take a couple of puffs at the hookah bar once in a while, but other than that, no. <b>
  • <b>Drink? </b>No,<b> </b>not even socially.
  • <b>Night owl or morning lark? </b>Some people think I'm a vampire.
  • <b>How messy or disorganized are you? </b>Pretty darn. Though I keep my personal appearance fairly immaculate, by male standards.
  • <b>What makes you laugh? </b>I laugh at my own jokes.
  • <b>What are the little things that please or delight you? </b>Cheesecake. A joyride in my car. Guitar Hero (or any other good video game I'm into at the moment). Flirting. Kissing. Getting a good slap in the face once in a while.
  • <b>What would you like to be doing in 10 years ideally? If you continue on your present course and don't meet the person of your dreams, what do you think you actually will be doing  given your gifts and goals? </b>Honestly.... I'll either be a criminal prosecutor, like an assistant district attorney; or I'll be a professional designer, someone who's paid to come up with ideas. Don't wait to marry me until then, though. By then, I'll probably only want to marry other lawyers, just to spite you.
  • <b>Intellectual interests: </b>My college major is in History. I like reading about the past, from great personalities like Charlemagne to what daily life was like in England, circa 1400.
  • <b>Hobbies: </b>Design. Just to give you an idea of what my current projects are, they include a science fiction trilogy, a comic book composed of still photographs, a powdered wig from scratch, and a new clothing line. Because of a lack of funds, they're not finished, but that will change very, very soon.
  • <b>Talents: what are you good at? </b>Everything, babe. Everything. Except fixing stuff.
  • <b>Top 5 Favorite books of all time: </b>The Bible. The Divine Comedy. Quo Vadis. The Aeneid. Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis.<b>
  • <b>The last 5 books you read (don't lie!). Are these books typical of you?: </b>Umm.... <a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twilight_%28book%29">Twilight</a>, by Stephenie Meyer. <a target="_blank" href="http://www.amazon.com/Duchess-Night-Eloisa-James/dp/0061245577">Duchess by Night</a>, by Eloisa James. <a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watchmen">Watchmen</a>, by Alan Moore. <a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman:_The_Killing_Joke">Batman: The Killing Joke</a>, also by Alan Moore. Hebrews (the Bible).<b>
  • <b>Music you actually listen to most often: </b>Symphonic metal bands from Europe like <a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nightwish">Nightwish</a> and <a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Within_Temptation">Within Temptation</a>. Various rock ballads from the '80s and early '90s. Film scores by Hans Zimmer, like <i>Gladiator</i>, <i>The Last Samurai</i>, and <i>Batman Begins/The Dark Knight</i>. I also like classical music, but I don't listen to it most often.
  • <b>Favorite movies/TV shows: </b>Becket. A Man for All Seasons. The Count of Monte Cristo. The Agony and the Ecstasy. Gladiator. The Christopher Nolan Batman films (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). The Star Wars films. As for TV shows, I can only think of a select few anime: Death Note, Gundam Wing, and Trigun.
  • <b>Favorite foods: </b>Steak (duh!). Stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. Quadruple-meat bacon cheeseburgers w/o vegetables or condiments. Cheesecake.
  • <b>Serious pet peeves: </b>Sedevacantism (sorry, sedes, but if you are one, I probably think you're creepy). Other than that, I honestly can't think of any right now.<b> </b>I'll let you know if you're one of them.
  • <b>Pets you have, pets you desire, pets you'd put up with: </b>I've never had any pets other than goldfish.....
  • <b>Idea of a romantic evening: </b>From one of my dating profiles: <i>My first dates almost always consist of getting to know one another while flipping through art and architecture picture books at Barnes & Noble or some other bookstore. If that's just too nerdy for you, thankfully I'm flexible. Not quite flexible enough to settle with a dirty motel and a pair of handcuffs (from a friend's profile), but almost. I do think I would be up for getting dolled up and heading to a night out at the opera, though. What do you say?</i>
If you're a veteran FishEater, you probably already know what I look like. But here are some more pictures anyway, for advertising purposes:

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