Greetings from Alberta
Aw thanks a lot guys, well I know God has been looking out for me  since when my wife left I didn't have a driving license and needed lifts from some kindly parishioners to and from work, but thanks to the grace of God I was able to pass my driving test within a couple of weeks, of the wife leaving and get my own car, so my future here is secure for the short to medium term. God also knows that were it not for me my 4 year girl would cease going to mass, reciting the rosary and studying the Bible just as her mother has done. Since I now know my wife's true feelings for me, and her continuing state of infertility, my priest can finally advise me on the best course to take which I suspect will be him encouraging me to get a temporal divorce and annulment asap, especially since my ex won't talk to him or any priest for that matter.

Anyways back to me & Jovan's friendship, it was always going to be a no-brainier I think. We both share a love for France, are both ardent monarchists who advocate the restoration of MCM Louis XX a.k.a the Duc d Anjou, to his rightful throne, and prefer a Latin Mass, or Ukrainian Catholic Mass over a Novus Ordo Mass any day!
Another plus point with driving is that I have been able to meet Jovan in person much more frequently and am hoping to arrange another meeting with him in the near future.

Finally since my return to the single life, I have begun learning French and have taken up body building exercises with an occasional visit to the local gym. I have also had an interest in playing the guitar for a number of years and plan on eventually getting round to buying my own at some point, once I get Christmas, the annulment and a permanent place to live all sorted out. Also since I am a night time security guard by trade, that have plenty of opportunity to pray, offer rosaries, read the scriptures, and any catholic thumping book that Jovan has been kind enough to lend me [Image: wink.gif]. Once again thank you for the warm welcome and the prayers, and I look forward to contributing further in this forum in the near future.


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