The Bishops of Poland congratulate the Pope
columba Wrote:Amen and hallelujah! Poland has a long history of standing up to Germany.

Non-heretical German bishops (if there are any), you need to speak up quickly or be judged cowards.


At least some German lay-Catholics stand behind the Holy Father:

<b><FONT size=4>Catholic groups urge Germans to back pope</FONT><!-- Article Start
Published: 6 Feb 09 14:14 CET
</b><b>Online: </b><b></b>
Two German catholic groups on Friday appealed to fellow members of the faith to back the pope in the row over a Holocaust denying bishop, condemning what they see as a "manipulative media campaign."
<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffcc">"The opponents of the pope, including unfortunately even prominent bishops within the church, will stop at nothing to stop him steering his steady course," the Pro Sancta Ecclesia group wrote in an advert in the daily <I>Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung</I>.

"All the more reason for Catholics who are true to their beliefs and the Church to rise up against these attempts, stand behind the pope and support him with prayer and work, word and deed," the group added.

There has been a "manipulative media campaign" against Pope Benedict XVI with "excessive blasphemy," the group said, vowing to stand squarely behind the pontiff.</FONT>

In a separate advert in the same paper, the German Catholic Forum called on all Catholics to "stand unequivocally at the pope's side" and rejected "any political interference in internal church matters."

The pope's decision to lift the excommunication of Richard Williamson - a British-born bishop who denied the nazis used gas chambers to kill Jews - caused outrage in his native Germany.

The row prompted a highly unusual intervention from Chancellor Angela Merkel who called on the Vatican Tuesday to clarify its position. In a climbdown the next day, the Vatican called on Williamson to recant his position but did not reverse its decision to lift his excommunication.

Merkel Thursday praised the Vatican's statement, describing it as an "important and good signal" and a "step forward" in the dispute.

Her uncompromising approach to the controversy won Merkel widespread praise in Germany - where denying the Holocaust is illegal. Bishops, Jewish groups and media editorialists lined up to laud Merkel's comments.

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<b><FONT size=4>Pope's brother defends his Holiness over Williamson holocaust scandal</FONT> </b>
<b> </b>
<FONT size=3><b>Georg Ratzinger slams Angela Merkel over criticism</b></FONT>

Georg Ratzinger has defended his brother Pope Benedict XVI over his decision to rehabilitate Bishop Williamson, a Holocaust denier, into the Catholic Church - and slammed Angela Merkel for her criticism.
Williamson (68) was excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1988 and has now been rehabilitated by Benedict XVI. He has often publicly denied the Holocaust, as well as airing other outrageous conspiracy theories.

Vox Wrote:"denied the Holocaust"... noted.
“He doesn’t need me to defend him. But it angers me how unjust and badly informed the people who are attacking him are,” the Regensburg Music Director, 'Domkapellmeister', Georg Ratzinger told German newspaper ‘Leipziger Volkszeitung’. He finds the harsh criticism the Pope has received from people in his native Germany, as well as from the rest of the world, unjust: “We always speak about an informed society, when in reality it is uninformed.”
Georg Ratzinger (85) finds German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open criticism of the Pope particularly disappointing: “I always saw her as a rational woman. <FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffff99">But perhaps at the moment she is under pressure to say something irrational.”</FONT> Ratzinger says he speaks with his brother in the Vatican on the phone, but doesn't discuss the scandal: “We usually talk about personal things.”
German bishop Gregor Maria Hanke has also slammed Merkel’s opinion, saying he finds it disconcerting “how the Pope’s integrity is now being questioned by politicians and statesmen."
Even members of the German Parliament are criticising Merkel for involving herself in the debate surrounding the rehabilitation: CSU politician Bernd Posselt warned the Chancellor about continuing to “act as the Pope’s teacher.”
<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffff99">Angela Merkel has, however, received support from members of her own party, the Central Council of Jews and SPD head Franz Muntefering, who</FONT> said: “I think it is unacceptable to rehabilitate a bishop who denies the Holocaust.”
After days of silence the Pope and the Vatican issued a statement "firmly rejecting" the views of Williamson and ordering him to publicly recant them in order to stay in the Church.

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