Protestants Call on Pope to Accept Vatican II
StevusMagnus Wrote:An explanation given by the Council’s own Theological Commission, cited by the Secretary of the Council, Cardinal Pericle Felici, in a theological note appended to the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church:

In view of conciliar practice and the pastoral purpose of the present Council, this sacred Synod defines matters of faith and morals as binding on the Church only when the Synod itself openly declares so.

Fact is that Vatican II did openly declare so. Even the sedes over at admit this (see <a target="_blank" href="">here</a>) yet, they are consistent in their belief and reject the whole council along with the Pope that ratified it as an anti-Pope.

What Cardinal Felici was stating here are the same rules that are used for all ecumenical councils. An ecumenical council is not binding on The Church unless it is ratified by the Pope. Vatican II was ratified and not all it's documents are pastoral, there are declarations, decrees and dogmatic constitutions in it. In fact, the only document that has "pastoral" in it's title is Gaudium Et Spes.


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