To all forum members: Criticism of priests
<FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">Hmmm...People are probably going to attack your <B>source</B>.. but, before that happens, let me add that the same warning against criticism of priests is repeated by many canonized saints. There's a popular story about St. Francis of Assisi who was called into town to admonish a parish priest who was living in sin with a woman. The whole village escorted him to the priest's doorstep, and when St. Francis approached him, everyone held their breath and thought: "Oh, he's going to get it now." To their shock, Francis knelt down and kissed the priest's hands (because they gave him Holy Communion). The priest was so stunned and humbled that he immediately cleaned up his life. Anyway, that's how the story goes.
LaRoza, I think you have a point in that it is better to criticize false IDEAS and bad BEHAVIOR, rather than single out a priest or bishop by name. We should leave it to their peers and superiors to do that, and continue to pray for priests in general. The higher the position, the more prayers they need. Everyday we should pray for the Pope especially, and take a lesson in charity and humility from St. Francis.
- Lisa</FONT>

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