(Novus Ordo) Redemptorists burned by Madoff
frerejacques Wrote:.

I know these particular Redemptorists and you cannot possibly imagine how wrong you are.  Through their quiet generosity they have changed the lives of individuals, and by extension, whole family systems and communities.  Not for profit institutions like those run by the Redemptorists need to have endowments to remain financially solvent, and a portion of these endowments are invested.  Harvard does it, Yale does it, large churches do it, and foundations do it.  Having an endowment allows the institution to remain independent from government interference and pursue their mission.  It's not greed, it's good business sense. Now more than ever there are people in this country who need assistance, and here is why the Redemptorists will not be able to respond as fully as they would like.  Your astounding lack of charity is disgraceful.

Where would God be without our good works to sustain Him. I guess I just didn't realise charity as a profit making business or the  Redemptorists as a NGO otherwise I may be wondering how did a "not for profit" institution get mixed up with a shyster like Madoff in the first place anyway...
Doing good and doing well do not necessarily mean the same thing.


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