The curious case of what's happening to me
Martin_Pen Wrote:Wow, I am impressed to see that folks here are not ashamed to admit these problems. I suffer from some serious, and sometimes debilitating, problems with anxiety and I can empathize with what you describe Robb.
It's true that the meds can help - they literally saved my life.
I'm also fascinated by your story of kicking the meds, Quis. I am trying to stop taking the med I am on, and the withdrawal syndrome is an absolute nightmare that wreaks havoc on my ability to function within my family and at work. Was there anything besides your own strong will which helped you to get through the withdrawal?

Actually, yes, and it was by accident.  Paxil had a manufacturing problem so there was none available, and my doc substituted Zoloft.  I came off the Zoloft with no withdrawal (it works slightly different than Paxil).

I dunno what med you're on, but if it's Paxil, talk to your doc about doing this:

Get to the lowest dose of Paxil and adjust to it.

Switch to the equivalent dose of Zoloft.  Take it for about a month, then wean from the Zoloft instead of the Paxil. 

It may work with other SSRI's, too.  And maybe Zoloft isn't the right one to switch to (maybe that's what you're coming off).  But there are others like Prozac, etc.  Talk to your doc and see what he thinks about this approach.

As I understand it, Paxil is an SSRI that is mostly used with anxiety while Zoloft is tweaked towards depression, though they are somewhat interchangeable.  Since they work slightly different, the side effects are slightly different, but both keep seratonin levels high.

I think people are more open about this because more people have it.  Our society, quite frankly, sucks, and is set up to torture people mentally without killing them.  We worry about our weight, the bills, the gov't's next tax, our kids in school, etc.  Really, our society is sick, and it makes people sick, too, because it's constant stress and tension.  Add to that the fact that very few people work 40 hour weeks anymore - more like 45-50, plus our cell phones, e-mail, etc. are always with us causing more stress.

I think I read somewhere like 30% of Americans are on some kind of anti-depressant / anti-anxiety drug.  It doesn't surprise me.  We live in a sick world that messes with our heads.  We go from one crisis to another, most of which are completely unnecessary and are artificial constructs of the world we live in.

Someone else posted about our sucky society and the effects before - I think it was kjvail.  I liked what he said; if it was him, maybe he'll chime in here.

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