The curious case of what's happening to me
I agree with what everybody else said........

Panic attacks are horrible - and anxiety etc can be very isolating - so I hope what everyone has said here will help you out.

PLUS....this should get rid of any "yeah..they SAY they understand, but they don't REALLY understand......" thoughts you may have.

Yeah, we <b>do.</b>

I used to get on a plane and know.....<b>KNOW</b>, not "think".....I was going to die.

and prayer didn't help, because every time I got to the end of a Hail know the last part of that prayer?....I would burst into tears.

[Image: eek.gif].......funny if it wasn't happening to me.

[Image: smile.gif]

Quis is right..this society has brought a lot of this on, and God has given us the grace of having meds to help when help is needed.


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