Help before making a BIG financial decision
Based on what you have said, I don't think you have gathered enough information to make a decision.

1. Look at about how much you would have made on *average* last year, and decrease for potential reduction due to economy.

Would the *average* be more or less or about the same as what you are making now?

2. Would the commission be based solely on what **you** do, or would it be based on something else--you mentioned that your pay would be low if the company had a bad month?

3. What is the possibility of switching from one method of pay to the other?

4. What sort of people are the people in management? What would you say might be their motivation for offering this new method? Do they maybe think they will get more work without hiring needed new people? Do they think the economy is going south and not want to be committed to paying you all? Or have they been putting on a lot of motivational seminars so maybe just want to be sure they are getting the best from each employee?

5. Would this in any way affect your benefits?

And you can probably think of some more questions...

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