Licit to attend weekly NO Masses with abuses?
My comments will, again,  have no bearing on resolving the argument in this thread.  I posted previously and no one made a sinlge comment.  Even so, I have something else to say.

I think all will agree with this.  Everyone, including myself, finds the (valid) NO Mass lacking. Everyone on this forum believes the traditional Latin Mass to be preferable.  Everyone believes the restoration of the traditional Mass is a priority. 

Can anyone tell me anything he is personally doing to remedy this situation besides sitting in his basement and bitching on the internet about how the NO is bad?  I would love to hear any of you tell me something, anything, positive you are doing to promote the Latin Mass.  All I am seeing on this website is people complaining about how bad the NO is, how going to the local NO is sending people to hell, how great it is to have  local Latin Mass.  Do you even think of your poor, misguided brethren who may have no choice but to attend the NO?  I am absolutely not being sarcastic.  If you want things to be better, why don't you do something?  Are you bringing any of your Catholic friends and neighbors in to the Latin Mass?  Are you even talking to your acquaintences about the importance of the Latin Mass?  Faithfully attending your local Latin Mass every Sunday, or even every day, is great!  I applaud you!  Many of us do not have that option.. 

I welcome your comments.

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