Obama and his ways!
We shall understood that we are living in a country which officially endorses the agnostic religion
and bans any other (except some gnosticism) from the public life.The schools, even the so
called Catholic schools and institutions are either isolated or part of the deal.

It is not Obama who makes the friction, but those who don't understand this fact, and ay least
some of them want to hide it, attacking Obama.

Meditate of Rom 13. Obama is authority, and we shall honor the authority. In the time of St Paul
the authority was Nero, Obama is not worse than him.

(04-19-2009, 05:29 PM)hazmat84 Wrote: Hello Group,

   Haven't been on the site for a while. Been on Jury Duty and have to stay away from Media including the Internet. My latest observations with this man called a President is creating controversy with Georgetown University (Flag Cover-up) and Notree Dame (Honary Degree). This man has been creating more friction with the Catholics than the devil himself. Lets all call our local Bishops, religious organizations, etc...and complain. This man has to be put in his place. What does the group think?

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