Catholic Wine List
Well, first thing I'd recommend is try any local wines you may have. Dunno where you live, but there's a good chance you'll have some local wineries within a couple hour's drive.
Store-bought: get on the mailing list of any local liquor store. Some of them do wine tastings.  Great chance to try some new things.
Get a copy of the book WINE FOR DUMMIES.  I usually steer away from books that call me names, but in this case I'll make an exception. EXCELLENT book.
Now for the wines.
Moscato d' Asti.  Same grape that Asti Spumante is made from, but not nearly as insipidly sweet.  Lightly bubbly.  A sweet, fun wine.
Beaujolais.  Nice red. Usually released in the fall, and usually a special release.  Easy drinking red, good with just about anything.
Pol Roger Champagne.  ONLY French champagne can be called champagne.  If it's made anywhere other than the Champagne region of France, it AIN'T champagne.  [Image: censored.gif][Image: nono.gif]    (Pet peeve of mine)  Pol Roger was Winston Churchill's favorite.  Lovely stuff.
Domaine St. Hilaire sparkling wine.  French sparkler, but not champagne.  Good imposter though. Good stuff, fairly inexpensive.
Above all, go out and try it. Only way to learn.  Fun too!!!!

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