What is your definition of 'short time'?

I'd hazard a guess the women who endure 3-4 months of chemo, 1 month of radiation and 1 major surgery (which is standard treatment for stage II and III  BC) and live 5,10,15,20 more years find their time suffering worthwhile in regards to the 'short time' they earn from it.  Even Stage IV BC is now treated more as a chronic illness that women can survive many years with and with a decent quality of life then an immediate death sentence.

Regarding the OP.

It is between you, your doctor and your priest. If you are despairing it is one thing, if you are making the decision, in the face of a terminal or likely terminal cancer that you don't want to go through expensive, time consuming and painful treatment to maybe extend your life by a few weeks or months it is another. 

Cancer treatment is difficult but it is not the horror that you see in the movies. The drugs that you are given to lessen the side effects have become much better over the last 15 years. Many cancer patients manage to continue working and going about their regular lives during treatment. There are also alternative treatments if you choose to go that direction.

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