D-Day: 40 years of Memoriale Domini/Communion in the Hand
At the time of this post, 6pm EST, it is 12am, May 29, 2009 in Rome.
40 years to the day that Memoriale Domini was released.

Memoriale Domini is the CDW instruction released on May 29, 1969 under Pope Paul VI that allowed the abuse of Communion in the Hand to become lawful as an indult breaking 700 years of Catholic tradition and organic development.

Communion in the Hand has led to a severe crisis and loss of faith in the real presence of our Lord in the Eucharist. Catholics need to call for its ban and a return to the traditional practice of reception on the tongue only.

Pope Benedict's E-mail:

In addition to writing to Pope Benedict asking for the removal of Communion in the Hand, prayers are needed. For May 29th, add to your daily rosary intention, novenas, and daily prayer, the intention that Communion in the Hand is removed.
God likes the number 40 and 40 years. Hopefully this abuse can be corrected and faith restored after the crisis of the last 40 years.

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