Cardinal O'Brien on Nuclear Weapons
Um, excuse me, Dr. Bombay, when have Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan and Iran proven themselves to be democratic nations whose driving purpose it is to better the lives of their citizens?
When I lived in South Korea, I had the opportunity to talk to an American serviceman who described a potential attack from Chinese-backed North Korea like this:

the American base closest to the DMZ would be obliterated. Seoul, with a population of ten million people (not counting the tourists and migrant workers), would be completely destroyed within an hour. The US reponse would be, as it was during the Korean War, to withdraw. North Korea would continue on until it got to Busan, a port city in the south. Within a few days, Chinese-backed North Korea would have complete control over the Korean peninsula. China and Russia would squeeze the vassal state of North Korea out and divvy up South Korea and its waters. Japan, long an enemy of Korea (now, not so), would be nuked. Completely. If you though the bombing of Nagasaki was bad (however necessary at the time), how would mass destruction of the Japanese landmass and population be?

People like Putin aren't trusted by many for a good reason. It is naive to think one can talk to him or that he is really a nice fellow. There is simply no evidence to suggest it.

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