Traditional Catholicism Restored To The Ozark Mountians
(07-01-2009, 12:20 PM)Texican Wrote:
(06-30-2009, 11:54 PM)Orville_B_Croft Wrote: Do the work for him.
Find a priest, get permission to use a Church and have a Mass. Doesn't have to be Sunday Mass.

We have a Latin Mass in my parish, on the first Sunday of every month, a 5:15 pm, but that's it. 
We have a Una Voce chapter here now, and quite a gathering of faithful, that petitioned the Bishop, but so far, to no avail.  We're not giving up, but traddys, while not in the minority, are definitely overlooked here. 

Nic, if you think St. Bernard's is bad, you should see St. Vincent de Paul, in Rogers.  Springdale's parish isn't much better.  There is a Chant group in St. Joe's, in Fayetteville, but beyond that, it's pretty liberal.

On a positive note, all of the area churches are usually full- and we have Perpetual Adoration in several of the parishes, too.

Yeah, that is exactly what my brother told me...  He said that St. Bernard's is his only choice in the area.  I disagree, and I am trying to get him to travel the few extra miles to Springfield to the SSPX chapel that I attend.  He has yet to forsake the Novus Ordo as I have, but the last time I talked to him, he quit going to Mass there.  I was glad to hear that, because I think with his advanced knowledge about the present situation in  the Church, attending the Novus Ordo Mass would be a grave sin for him, due to it being sacriligious.

If you don't mind me asking, which parish and what city has the once a month Latin Mass?  Perhpaps that could be a good place for my brother to start (that is until I talkhim into the SSPX  :)

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