The Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker
Point taken and exceptions duly noted and agreed. It's just that to my mind's eye there is no way to reconcile a Distributive Catholic way of governance with the American Constitution anymore. We have co-mixed Capitalism, Consumerism, Free Trade, and other buzz words together to reach what is our current financial woes. Look at how many good Catholic people say free trade is the solution, yet have no idea that they are not going to be allowed to be a so-called entrepreneur. What there should be are small businesses based on skills and trades for the livelihood of families. Obama trotted out two "small business owners " for his own pr. The one was a small bank owner in the South and the other an MBA who needed an I banker to fund his idea for franchising a lunch type store. How can a Banker and an MBA with a plan to franchise and with the intent to sell it for a payday in a short time be categorized as small business owners. They are predators. It's time to take down the horse feathers and rebuild.

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