interesting article on the traditional redemptorists
This is a link to an interesting news interview with Fr Michael Mary of the previous redemptorists.

Seems like they still don't have their order approved or any jurisdiction in the Church except they can hear their confessions on the island. I guess Bp Fellay might have been more correct than assumed on the way this groups would be dealt with. My suspicion is that the Vatican wants to establish an overall structure for all traditional groups, rather than a piecemeal approach.  (don't let the lead in to the article confuse you at the first few paragraphs)

Caveats: I am not a fan of "Inside the Vatican" because their journalism is sloppy. Eg this article doesn't clarify that Fr Michael Mary was a traditional redemptorist that worked with the SSPX, not a member.

Also ITV once had a story on Fatima a few years ago and got the names of the seers all wrong. What sloppiness!

Also is not the best either, they are totally into apparitions etc, but strangely no mention of the SSPX rosary crusade.

But anyway,  this link is offered as is~

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