Pauline Chapel reopened and renovated--Back to tradition!!!
Too bad that trads are taken in by stuff like this.

Benedict XVI's arguments for the ad orientem position are essentially modernist  (1) It's more "cosmic," and (2) we achieve the same "balance" that our "protestant brethren" have in their liturgy. (See his  Feast of Fatih and Spirit of the Liturgy.)

The "cosmic" stuff he based on the Heideggerian anti-Thomist von Balthazar (Cosmic Liturgy) and on the Jesuit pantheist Teilhard de Chardin. (In Spirit of the Liturgy, Ratzinger even did a little riff on Teilhard, "cosmos" and the Eucharist.)

Benedict XVI may come to the "right conclusion" on a particular issue (i.e., a conclusion that trads like), but that should not blind trads to the fact that his arguments can be (as they are in this case) pure poison.

The modernist Tyrrell wanted to see the Church retain the old Latin Mass, a conclusion that trads would applaud.

Great… but his arguments for it showed that he was really in the enemy camp.

Don't be fooled.

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