Pope Benedict XVI's New Encyclical: Social Political Issues Tied to Pro-Life
(07-08-2009, 06:50 AM)glgas Wrote:
(07-07-2009, 12:40 PM)Belloc Wrote: Good to know, guess the Lesser of 2 Evils option is not really one then..Obama was 100% pro-death, McCain 99%, so in principle, no option of either...Chuck Baldwin-end all abortions, federal funding for them and fed funding for contraceptives,e tc......none of which is constitutional......but alas, the bigges cowards of Evangelicals and Trad Catholics in the arena......

Is really the abortion of the American babies the only life issue? Mc Cain promoted the irresponsible war in Iraq, which results in death of thausands innocent lifes. Mo presidential candidate planed to help the UNICEF to provide free immunization for the children in the third world, which given the 26 million death in the first 2 years of tehir life could save at least 2.5 million innocent lifes.

My analysis was that McCain promised to appoint Supreme Court judges who would vote 100 percent for the republican issues (wars, privileges of the riches, controlling the individual rights for the shake of their issues etc) and may be (already 7 out 9 judges are Republican appointed) would vote for the issues related to the mortal life of American fetuses and embryos according to the pro lifers. He also supposted the good relations with a state (Chine) with forced abortion laws proving that his pro life is restricted to American fetuses.

Why is the mortal life of the American fetuses ABSOLUTE value? Should not be God and the balanced word be the center of our moral?

Sometimes I have a feeling that as the pharisee in Jesus time believed that if the keep the Sabbath laws then God will be forced to their side, the pro lifers believe that fighting for the mortal life of American fetuses will cover everything else.


What a stupid position.

So we let Obama get elected. Iraqi babies are still getting killed, and we're picking up speed with Mexican and the rest of the world as well. Plus any babie that by some miracle makes it out of the womb won't have a pot left to pee in once it's potty trained.

Letting Obama take the White House was just so much more nuanced, acceptable and enlightened.

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