Good single volume history of philosophy?
(08-01-2009, 03:59 PM)Antonius Block Wrote:
(08-01-2009, 10:23 AM)stvincentferrer Wrote: Did any of the Greek philosophers believe in the mythological gods?
Aristotle makes references to the gods in the Nicomachean Ethics, mostly to describe how their virtue is qualitatively different from that of humans. However, in his Metaphysics he argues for monotheism.

Socrates was charged at his trial with disbelief in the gods, but he rejects this charge and, if I remember, recalls his participation in the Athenians public cult-worship. He also makes frequent references throughout Plato's works to a personal "daimon" (a minor deity, not yet the Christian idea of a "demon") that speaks to him solely to tell him NOT to do certain things, like enter politics. Plato, I think, refers to the gods occasionally in his dialogues, but as these are literary works as much as they are philosophical, it's hard or impossible to say whether he himself believed in them.

That's it for the Big 3. The presocratics and the Hellenists all had peculiar views.

I'm reading An Illustrated History of Philosophy and Thales believed magnets had souls because they could move iron. He says, "everything is full of gods." Is that what you mean by "peculiar views"?

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