Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
Anyway, back to the topic..................

Quote:Let me turn it into a question and ask if traditional Catholics will admit that renewal (restoration) in the 20th century Church was needed? If so, how would you have effected change and/or dealt with problematic issues in the Pre-Vatican II Church if you had the know-how, the power and authority?

- Lisa

What was needed was echoes of church teachings - perhaps louder and clearer, but pure echoes non the less. No renewal, restoration, regeneration - the world yearned for echoes but got "something better" instead. :(

There is only one way that today's mess could have materialized, and that way is the same way any enemy can hope to to claim total victory in the shortest span of time, namely, infiltrate your opponent.

Like it or not, time is short and there simply was no other way for the enemy to hope to accomplish victory - and tho there has been no total victory yet, the first and most important goal of the enemy has been met, namely, to divide. Divide, then conquer - the conquer part will never be entirely met, and perhaps the enemy is well aware of that fact, yet they are going for broke regardless.

The Magisterium has been infiltrated, sad as it is, believe it, and everything else falls into place God help us!

All I know is that the immortal soul of humans must have an unimaginable value, based on the amount of effort put into it's destruction by the enemy.


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