Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
Look. I’m not disparaging everything about 1950s Catholicism. I grew up in the 50s. I thank God that I was born then. I thank God for my Catholic upbringing, for the wonderful priests and Sisters who taught me my Faith. They did a good job – but that’s not to say there wasn't room for improvement. I am NOT saying we’re in better shape now. But it’s dishonest to paint an idyllic picture of the past, as many trads are wont to do. I think it’s dishonest to view through rosy glasses ANY time in the Church’s history – whether it’s dreaming about medieval schools of mystics or the apostolic days of early Christianity. Every age had its share of shame and glory, persecution and peace. We don’t move forward unless we admit our mistakes (past and present) and stop repeating them. Tradition for the mere sake of tradition and change for the sake of change is wrong. And the only age in history that will truly be our boast will happen after the Second Coming.

Of course, I understand this means nothing to those who believe today’s hierarchy are not legitimate authority – that the modern Church is a false church and that these are the worst times ever. But that's not the discussion I had in mind when I created this thread. 

- Lisa

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