The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
(07-26-2009, 07:01 AM)CollegeCatholic Wrote: Anyone else find the 20th Century to be the most confusing for the Church?...  I know I do.

That is without question, since it is believed by many within our circles that Lucifer has been released from his prison and is now once again "deceiving the nations."  This is evident starting around the time of the middle of the 20th century.  I am not stating that the early 1960's are when the devil was surely released, for it could have been a bit earlier, but it is obvious to the thinking Catholic that the world has indeed changed drastically since then - and the Church has been subverted by the Masonic, Zionist and Protestant forces - using the demonic weapon of M0dernism - thus a flouting of Tradition has caused confusion on a grand scale.  Just as his late Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre stated, "Satan's masterstroke is to have succeeded in sowing disobedience to all Tradition through obedience (ie. false obedience).

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