The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
(07-27-2009, 01:07 AM)James02 Wrote:
Quote: Do they still preach that the pope, in unison (all together and at the same time) with every bishop in the entire world must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
Have they ever preached otherwise?  Furthermore, isn't this exactly what Our Lady requested?  And Pope JPII admits the consecration was never done.  There is no dispute here.  The consecration has never been done, and no Pope has ever said it was.  In fact, JPII said it wasn't done.

May I suggest you read Ferrera's book, The Secret Still Hidden.  Also, "The Fourth Secret" is now available in English.

Well of course they preached otherwise. Back when the revolution was in it's early stages, Fr. G used to have a weekly TV show called Heaven's Peace Plan iirc.  For a long time, initially he preached that the consecration needed to be re-done because the first time it was done improperly. How a pope can consecrate something improperly seemed a bit "out there"  - at least that was the general consensus - but like I said, back then, confusion was the rule of the day everywhere and there was no shortage of people coming out of the woodwork offering solutions to the crisis at hand within the church.

Anyway, Fr. G then started preaching exactly how the consecration needed to be done, right down to the direction the pope needed to be facing when he did the consecration.

Then rumors surfaced that the pope had finally done the consecration, thanks in part to Fr. G. (keep in mind there was no internet back then) and for weeks, Fr. G also thought it was actually done and was quite satisfied.

Well, when nothing changed after a few months, it was because the consecration was still not done properly because now,  it needed to be done in unison with all the bishops of the whole world at the exact same time.

This all happened in the span of just a  year or two back in the mid to maybe late 70s and I've not kept up much with him since then.

Originally, there was one secret in three parts, but now they found a fourth secret?   

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