The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
(07-27-2009, 11:55 AM)DrBombay Wrote: There are actually 5 secrets, one yet to be discovered but likely will be when someone needs to sell another book.

Just like Medjugorje, where the gravy train ends when the apparitions end so the apparitions will never end, so here with the Fatima conspiracists.  If the Consecration is ever performed "correctly" the money stops coming in, so it will likely never be done to their satisfaction.  How convenient.

I honestly don't know about that but will admit that was the general opinion some 30 years ago.

I am sincerely interested to hear from those who have a much better understanding of Fr. G's message in their own words.

I already posted one of my reservations here a bit earlier regarding the conversion and the NO and like others, I want to whole heartedly believe that the conversion of Russia can only happen after a proper consecration without regard to everything else that is accepted as normally necessary for individuals to secure their own conversion - so another concern I have is,  could Russia be converted by the proper consecration even tho Russia does not want to be converted?

Keep in mind that I have no illusions that Our Blessed Lady can accomplish whatever Her Immaculate Heart desires, but when it comes to this particular issue, it sure seems like Russia will be converted and the whole world will not only go along for the ride, but that this will all happen whether or not Russia and the rest of the unconverted world rejects it or not.

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