The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
(07-28-2009, 01:10 AM)James02 Wrote:
Quote: I am sincerely interested to hear from those who have a much better understanding of Fr. G's message in their own words.
Something to think long and hard about:  During the travesty in 2000, when the Third Secret was supposedly revealed, Card. Ratzinger said that the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart was in the past when she said Yes to God and became the Mother of Jesus. 

Now as Pope Benedict he has reversed himself and prayed that Mary's Immaculate Heart would triumph (future tense) as predicted at Fatima.

Let me repeat:  The Pope reversed himself.  Think long and hard about that.

I hadn't noticed that...

It is really strange to me that people seem to refuse to believe that something could be and has been kept from the laity in this regard.  While there's no 'proof,' one can reasonably infer.

Just a look around (around the Church and around the world at large) should indicate things are awry based on what Our Lady said i.e. the lack of a mass conversion of Russia if the consecration was in fact performed as required, etc.

I cannot imagine why though, I really can't. Unless one presupposes a nefarious intent.

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