The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
Why it is simple, when the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphs she brings the bridge to the Kingship of Jesus Christ Our Lord. A period of peace is said will follow. How could that be without the Mass? It can not, therefore it will be returned completely. How can there be a period of peace with contraception, abortion, and all the etc.? It simply can not be so it will be gone. Russia will be converted similar to Mexico, the priests will be numb from administering the Sacrament and the water my run out first.This is peace.

Since we have fiddled too long the price will be high but remember the blood of the martyrs brings the best fruit. The vision released in 2000 is not inaccurate but Pope John Paul II is not that pope. Note the Pope and Bishops are martyred and they bless and pray for the dead. The dead in mystical terms are those that die in mortal sin, not so the martyrs. Their blood is gathered by the Angels and sprinkled on the faithful. 

My very best guess is the "soldiers with guns and arrows" are Mohammedans with AK-47's and shoulder fired rockets. Sister Lucia, didn't know that Russia was a Nation and she thought it was a local woman. Which lends some credence to my interpretation of guns and arrows.

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